Axel national team won SNQ award

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Axel national team won SNQ award

50,000 bottles of "i safe Aqua" could be sold in one week.


I safe Aqua of Axel Biotechnology (hereinafter referred to as Axel) won SNQ national quality symbol of the epidemic prevention product category , which has been experimentally proven to quickly deodorize and decompose smoke and odors in environmental disinfection and cleaning; It shows safe and fast suppression of common pathogens, the removal rate exceeds 99.99%.


Axel was formally established in 2009, starting with the sales of related products in biotechnology laboratories. The main products cover four major areas: cell culture, immunological reagents, molecular biology, and equipment. Moving to the field of environmental disinfection byhypochlorous acid solution started five years ago.

Axel won SNQ national quality symbol of epidemic prevention products in one fell swoop.


Outstanding SNQ Award.

During the epidemic prevention.

Before the outbreak, Axel mainly sold hypochlorous acid solution generating equipment ,and have a role to play in Taiwan's agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry markets, such as Adan Fruit and Vegetable Production Cooperative, Fangjing Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Cooperative and Shengang Fruit and Vegetable Production Cooperative.

 Originally, Axel was mainly a production equipment manufacturer. After the outbreak, the output of hypochlorous acid solution was increased as soon as possible. When the epidemic was the most severe, Axel could sell 50,000 bottles of Axel Isafe electrolyzed solution in one week, and more than 200,000 bottles of Isafe electrolyzed solution were sold in one month, which shows that Axel is recognized by the public in the market. Until March, Axel proposed to participate in the SNQ national quality standard audit. Chairman Hong Yingcheng took the opportunity to win honor of the SNQ national quality standard.

 Experiments have proved that hypochlorous acid solution can quickly deodorize and decompose smoke and odors in environmental disinfection and cleaning; it can safely and quickly inhibit the common pathogens and removal rate is more than 99.99%, such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listeria, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus, etc. It can be used to deodorize smoke, toilets, footwear, refrigerators, kitchen waste, pets, drains and car spaces. Especially for clothes and other water-absorbing objects, spraying is better.


Axel’s channnel of biotechnology has reached 209 universities and 19 medical centers across Taiwan.

With professional knowledge as the core, supplemented by excellent customer support services, it has various advantages such as professional reliability, convenience and speed, quality assurance and after-sales service guarantee. It meets the experimental needs of customers and has won the trust of customers. It has currently established a stable market customer base in mid-south part of Taiwan.

Axel’s channnel of biotechnology has reached 209 universities and 19 medical centers across Taiwan. The client groups are mainly composed of National Chung Hsing University, Chung Shan Medical University, China Medical University, Taichung Veterans General Hospital and Chang Gung Medical Foundation. Recently, Axel also signed a contract with Hungkuang University for technology transfer.

In terms of business strategy, it is currently divided into two main fields. The first point is to strengthen the biotechnology commissioned service project. Axel itself has an immunology laboratory and a quality control laboratory. Commissioned OEM service can be performed externally ,and quality control of various products and service items can also be performed internally; the second point is the introduction of intelligent monitoring into the market for the upgrade of concept of epidemic prevention and environmental disinfection. For example, one of the elements of the fruit and vegetable export market is to improve competitiveness of cold chain transportation quality, the extension of the preservation time of fruit and vegetable and the preservation of freshness. Therefore, Axel established an intelligent environmental control department to apply intelligent control equipment to various disinfection methods of hypochlorous acid solution to achieve the effect of controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment and the number of microorganisms. 

It is worth mentioning that Axel's original purpose of epidemic prevention was not directed against COVID-19 , but to prevent African swine fever and enhance environmental disinfection. Hung Ying Cheng said that due to the outbreak of the epidemic, Axel took the initiative to increase the output of its own brand of Ai's safe electrolyzed solution in order to ensure the safety of the Taiwanese people. Only under the favorable circumstances of the time, the SNQ national quality standard certification can be quickly passed.


Axel established an intelligent environmental control department to 

apply intelligent control equipment to various disinfection methods of hypochlorous acid solution.


Facing difficulties

Axel gritted his teeth and keep going on

Axel also attaches great importance to its employees. Most of the employees have a master's degree or above in biotechnology-related departments. The average age of young Axel employees is less than 32 years old. Every week, the Ministry of Human Resources also conducts various types of education and training to maintain its momentum ,which show its full vigor and vitality. And the sales scope in other fields is also very wide, in addition to the e-commerce group-buying department, it is also committed to the development of health food.

However, during the growth of the company, there was also a hard past. Axel was hit by the declining birthrate. Since 2016, the number of college students enrolled has suddenly dropped by 20%, and the turnover of the Life Science Division, which was the main operation, gradually declined, during the period of the company's transition, it also suffered from the loss of talent and the difficulty of operation. Fortunately,by breaking open a way through bramble and thistle, the biotechnology service OEM and the introduction of hypochlorous acid water into the agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry environment have gradually improved. The decline in turnover caused by declining birthrates has created a new path with biotechnology services and intelligent environmental control.


Cooperate with the industry-government-academia

move to a higher level

For the future development of Axel, it is mainly divided into two main directions. The first point is to strengthen the domestic biotechnology commissioning service. In addition, Axel conduct the commissioning service project of the CRO of the pharmaceutical factory, the cooperative relationship with the academia, and technology transfer which will also continue. The industry needs to accelerate development by the help of academia.

The second point is that in the future, Ai Safe Electrolyzed solution (hypochlorous acid solution) will be mainly exported to the United States and Australia. Under the international vision, we will strive for business development. In addition,by the planning of different disinfection solution consumption, the sequence from small to large water consumption is O3 super-oxygen faucet, batch type and continuous hypochlorous acid solution generating equipment in order. Propose of Axel is to provide customers with newer, more excellent and more diversified products, and is committed to developing the scale of Axel and expanding its overseas market.

Based on the enthusiasm for the biotechnology industry, Axel, which can be described as an important member of the national team, is professionally oriented to promote various new domestic and foreign biotechnology products.

Hypochlorous Acid Solution was awarded SNQ mark

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 Aisafe hypochlorous acid solution 

    has acquired SNQ certification mark


Aisafe has obtained the SNQ certification mark (cheers)

All the staff of Axel thank evaluation of SNQ for their favor~

Thank you all for your continuous support

We have always been committed to social feedback

Anti-epidemic success is just around the corner

Let's work together!

Everyone is working towards epidemic prevention.


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