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About Axel

Axel biotechnology Inc. was founded in Feb 2009, Our main area has range of middle Taiwan. Axel biotechnology is positioned in dealer. Our diverse products and services includes all of the following:

1. cell culture reagents and consumes the material.
2. molecular biology reagents and consumes the material
3. immunity products 
4. instrumental products 

Company profile
Axel Company Inc. is a company supporting the fields of biomedical science and biotechnology. Our team is teemed with enthusiasm for developing biology technology. The company is composed of three major departments: management department, business department and product department, with 10 hardworking staff who serve the needs of our customers. In the meantime, we promote domestic, foreign patent and product consultation as well. Our strategy of management is following by:

1.      Market management and research equally emphasized:One is getting brand proxy which useful to operation of our company. And the other hand, we hope to build laboratories of molecular biology for developing own products and pursuing further growth. 
2.        Application of products and research of market We assist new product to apply patent and expand the biggest possibility of market.
3.      Develop a company which is mutually beneficial to consumers.
4.      We provide customer-oriented service with the professional salespersons, in order to resolve the questions of the customers.We currently have over 17 agent patents t in Taiwan at present. For the sake of further expand our overseas market, we need reliable and brand agents. It will be our great pleasure to provide best products to consumers. In the future, Axel will seek for stable  and long-term partnership to offer all kinds of biology products.