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About Axel

Company Introduction


In February 2009, Axel Biotechnology was officially established. We started with the promotion of related products in biotechnology laboratories. At present, our main products cover five major areas: laboratory supplies, biotechnology OEM, intelligent environmental control, event marketing and e-commerce services.

Core Value

Axel takes product expertise as the core, complemented by excellent customer support services. We have the advantages of professional reliability, convenience and speed, quality assurance and after-sales service guarantee, to meet the various needs of customers and obtain deep customers trust. We have established a stable market based in Taiwan and are currently actively developing the field of international trade.

Future Development

Under the vision of internationalization, Axel strives for business development, providing customers with more updated, more excellent and more diversified products at home and abroad, and is committed to developing the company's scale and expanding the market. Externally, Axel provides more customers with high-quality products and good services; internally, values on-the-job education and training of employees and arranges career development paths, hoping to obtain unanimous affirmation from both inside and outside.

Business Philosophy

Based on the enthusiasm for the service of the biotechnology industry, the company is professionally oriented to promote various new biotechnology products at home and abroad, and assists the academic community to apply for various domestic and foreign patents and product consultations.

At the same time, Axel itself also has an immunology laboratory and a quality control laboratory, which can offer OEM service externally and internally control of various products and service items. In addition to domestic biotechnology commissioned services, there are also pharmaceutical plant commissioned services. The cooperative relationship with the academic world and technology transfer are also continuing, so that the need of industry development and growth can be accelerated through the school.

In addition to the field of biotechnology, Axel also introduced hypochlorous acid solution generation equipment, supplemented by intelligent monitoring equipment to help optimize the production process of the agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry industries, thereby helping customers effectively achieve the purpose of increasing production and reducing consumption. In addition to supporting the upgrading of related industries, Axel also actively enters overseas markets in this way, and strives for the development of company management and industrial progress under the vision of internationalization.


Ø  General Administrative Management DivisionResponsible for company management, operation and development

Ø  Life Science DivisionLife Science Commodity and Reagent Sales and Services

  l Business DepartmentBusiness promotion and product sales

  l Product DepartmentProduct professional consultation and service

  l Instrument DepartmentInstrument product promotion and sales

Ø  Human Resources DepartmentImplement human resources policies and personnel operations

Ø  Logistics departmentConduct goods warehousing, management, delivery and scheduling arrangements

Ø  Biotechnology Service OfficeInspection and OEM service

International Trade Department Foreign manufacturers' contact window and import and export operations

Ø  Brand DivisionBrand channel development and public relations marketing activities

l Intelligent Environmental Control Dept.Promote environmental disinfection equipment and intelligent  .management

Ø  E-commerce service officeprovide customer group-buying service.

Ø  Public relation department